April Challenge Two Weeks later…

I have to say I’m pretty proud to have achieved my goal of 30 minutes of exercise every day in April, over 1000 minutes in total! I initially thought it would be physically challenging, which it was to a point. But it was more a challenge mentally. It challenged my behavioural flexibility and creativity. Muscles that should be stretched as much as possible! There was many a day I was challenged to think well outside the box due to limitations placed on me that I simply had to work around. These days especially made me proud, and they weren’t necessarily physically hard. Although, I would have to say that walking in heels is harder than one might think! I’ll take a 5km run any day!

So, I finished the month of April feeling fit and healthy, and I also finished feeling like I could take on ANY challenge I set my mind to, even if I don’t actually know HOW I’m going to achieve it. I learned that the ‘how’ will actually present itself once I set a goal. Weird, isn’t it? This has totally changed the way I think about setting goals. I have always thought about ‘how’ very early in the process, often discounting goals because I could not see the whole process and how to achieve each part of the goal. That made logical sense to me, but now I know it’s wrong.

What assumptions have you made in the past that could be challenged? And will they help you set and achieve even more amazing things?