Behavioural Flexibility and an Avocado

What has being flexible in my behaviour to do with an avocado? Well, let me explain…

I have recently been drinking a green drink that is full of lovely, healthy ingredients, and fills me with energy when I drink it. You can find the recipe here. On Friday, I was feeling pretty tired after a big week and decided the best thing for me would be to enjoy this drink when I got home. I was missing a few ingredients, so I stopped at the shops on the way home. I bought a few items, including an avocado, and headed home. While unpacking, I noticed the avocado wasn’t there. I remember paying for it. I remember it being in the bag. Where was it? I looked everywhere. While I searched the house, including places I had not even been since arriving home, I knew I had to give up. Meanwhile, it was pouring with rain outside and the rest of the ingredients for the drink were waiting patiently in the blender. I found myself thinking irrationally. About how unfair this was.

And then, I turned on the blender and made the drink without the avocado. And you know what? It was still pretty good. You see, I had choices. I could go back to the shop in the rain, I could throw all the ingredients into the bin, or I could go ahead without the avocado. Once I had increased my choice from simply tromping around the house cursing, the world seemed like a better place.

Which made me think about the Law of Requisite Variety. It states that in any system, the element or person in the system with the widest range of behaviours or variability of choice will control the system. Much like a willow bends with the wind and remains strong, so must we be able to flex with the circumstances of life, increase our choices and live our best lives.

And the thing is, no one can increase our choices for us. External factors play a part, but really, we are the only ones who can come up with more choices. Behavioural flexibility is a muscle that must be worked regularly. What can you do right now to increase the choices in your life?

By the way, I now have an avocado but seem to have run out of parsley…


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