Effort and Reward…

After a full on day travelling for work to Sydney yesterday, I was fairly tired but determined to knock by 30 minutes on the head first thing in the morning. I wok up 20 minutes before my alarm went off and used the time to meditate, surrounding myself with a feeling of zen-like calm while I pondered the day ahead. I may also have fallen back to sleep again. It’s really hard to tell at that level of relaxation…

I needed to get the blood pumping, so I set out at a jog with a lap of the zoo on my mind. I was not disappointed with my choice. It was a lovely morning. Admittedly, it was dark and cloudy to start, but as I continued, it gradually got lighter, and before I knew it I could see glimpses of sunlight and hot air balloons appear.

Half way around the zoo, and one hill later, I wondered whether it was such a good idea. I was feeling tired and ready to stop. But I was so far from home! No point in walking now, so my jog continued. And somewhere on the way home, something clicked and everything felt quite good. It was like I had pushed through something, and on the other side, everything was easy. Well, not exactly EASY, but less hard. Just by putting that little bit more effort in, reaped relatively big, somewhat disproportionate, rewards. I sprinted the last few blocks finishing strong and proud I had persisted.

I know we have worked out that it’s okay to look silly. In fact, I recommend it, as you never know what you might miss out on if you don’t give something a go. I wonder what you might miss out on if you don’t put in that tiny bit of extra effort. That effort that might seem too hard at first. That extra couple of hundred metres of running. That extra five minutes of walking. That phone call you might be dreading making. Whatever it is, it could give you something really big! Go on, push yourself that little bit harder, and see what happens!


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