Fascinating Behaviour…

I took no chances and packed my rain jacket today to ride to work.  I always feel pretty good about riding to work on a Friday, like it’s worth double points or something because it’s the end of the week. And I can ride home feeling pretty smug that I’m exercising while everyone else is drinking.

I noticed something that both fascinated and disturbed me on the way to work. My normal bike path has been completely closed due to re-surfacing work, so I was forced to ride a different way. It wasn’t a big detour, and gave me the chance to ride a different route. I didn’t think twice until I noticed there were people picking up their bikes and stepping over the fence that had been constructed and riding on the path that is pretty much dirt and mud. While I appreciate that it was probably their regular route, why did they not choose to take the detour? Why risk yourself on an uneven surface, not to mention risk ruining the good work going on to make the bike path smooth and even for everyone? I was struggling to understand. Especially, as my detour added on an extra 300 metres in total to my commute.

So, why don’t people change? Why do we do the same thing over and over? Why aren’t we open to trying new things? I don’t have the answer. All this experience taught me was how important it is to being open to new things and never continue to take the path of least resistance.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said ‘Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail’. Hear, hear. Happy Friday!


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