Going the Extra Mile… Or 4 Kilometres…

Today I woke up bright and early, mostly because the clocks went back an hour on the weekend, but also because I was excited about Day 2 of my challenge. Whatever the reason, it seemed like a good morning to ride my bike to work, so off I went on my beloved mountain bike. There are two ways of getting to work, the short way (6 km) and the long way (8km). The long way is great as it is all along bike paths with hardly any lights, and is a lot safer. There is a killer hill at the end which always leaves me a bit breathless, and I’m often tempted to go the easy way to save (a short amount admittedly) some time and energy.

It made me think about how much we seek to do the minimum. I often hear questions like: ‘is it difficult to do?’ or ‘What is the least we can get away with?’ that can be thinly disguised as attempts to be efficient and save valuable time. How much in our attempts to be efficient do we end up just scraping in and ending up with mediocrity? I know there was a time at Uni where there was a running joke about the importance of getting 51 percent as anything more was ‘wasted effort’. Can these jokes end up encouraging us to seek out the minimum? Do we forget that there might be areas of our lives we want to put in that extra effort and reap the rewards?

My extra efforts today earned me two extra hill climbs, four extra kilometres and an additional 30 minutes on top of my commitment to myself. Inefficient? Perhaps. But I feel great, and I know the reward will be worth it! Bring on the next 28 days!


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