Intervals At Dusk

Today started with sipping tea, baking muffins and general Sunday relaxation. My plan was to do intervals which I completed towards the end of the day as it was getting cooler and dark. The sun was setting, letting off brilliant colours, the perfect backdrop to some hard work.

Intervals are great. After a thorough warm up, I alternated between one minute of hard running and two minutes of walking. During the walk I recovered enough to run as fast as I could in the minute, the idea being to give it my all in that short period of time, with a recovery to look forward to. During the recovery, it’s tempting to push hard to maximise the workout, but that would go against the spirit of intervals, which is hard efforts punctuated by recovery in between.

And isn’t that what life is about? We work really hard, often pushing ourselves beyond what we thought was possible, and then reward ourselves with some rest before the next spurt of energy. That rest becomes even more important as we push harder to achieve more and more. And it can be tempting to push when we should rest. Is it because we don’t feel we worked hard enough when we should have? Regardless of how we feel about these bursts of effort, rest is required. Elite athletes call it ‘periodisation’. Not even the best of the best athletes are at racing fitness all year around. Nor should anyone be. So, go on. Push yourself hard, achieve your dreams. Then rest! And get ready to do it all over again, only better.


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