Making Do while on the Go…

Today I left for Sydney at 6am, knowing I would not return home until after 8pm. And a day of workshops to look forward to. I was very much wondering how on earth my 30 minutes of exercise would happen. I chose to be as calm as possible about it and take a curious approach about how I might achieve my goal. After all, I have been time poor in the past and managed, so today should not be any different, right? Sure enough, the universe delivered with our lunchtime workshop finishing 30 minutes early. I took that as a sign and raced out of the building to walk around Circular Quay. Admittedly, I was wearing my suit and high heels, so it was hardly a power walk, but it was great to experience the brief, warm sunshine of Sydney and get in 30 minutes of walking.

It made me think of a time in my life when I may not have been so calm about something like this. I have a challenge. I have a commitment. Must. Do. It….  Insert stressful, obsessive moment here…

Those days are behind me now and it’s time to be smarter and kinder to myself. Today, I had complete faith in myself that I would make my 30 minutes. I didn’t necessarily know how, but I just knew it would happen. As a result, I was relaxed and able to operate at 100% in my workshops, give my best and keep to my commitment. Wow. That relaxed self assuredness I have been craving seems to have stuck its head around the corner and is looking at me.

A reward for my walk!

What else can I be relaxed and self assured about? Just knowing that I can and will achieve what I need to achieve is making me feel better already!


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