Meditation and Cats

Some people ask me how it is possible to have a regular meditation practice AND have cats. How do I maintain my zen composure in the midst of rowdy giant ragdoll kittens? Is there a “How To” Guide on meditating with cats?

Actually, noone has asked me that, but I wish they would. Because then I could tell them.

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It’s impossible

My regular as clockwork, completely calm, amazing meditation does not happen as regularly as it used to. I don’t always start the day with a calm, centred approach, solving problems with a thought and saying wise words at the right time. Actually, none of that ever happened, but I was hoping…

I used to be able to sneak out of bed into my study and meditate, but the cats awaken at the sound of my eyelids opening and immediately start their morning campaign for attention. My quiet, zen time in the study is no longer possible. So, my meditation is whenever I can grab the time. Sometimes, it’s the morning, sometimes it is late afternoon or evening. And I have learned that anywhere between a few stolen minutes to a blissful hour, even when interrupted occasionally by a paw tapping my cheek, or my glass of water being knocked over, is still a good session.

The other day, I was meditating and noticed a lot of quiet around me. A lot. There was no water being splashed around or fighting or things being chased around. Concerned, I opened my eyes to find them both next to me, flat out, asleep. Most likely achieving a level of calm that I can only wish to achieve.

Keep going

Not all sessions will be perfect. Not all sessions will go for the length of time you planned. Resist the urge to pass judgment. Just sit. And if you can, sit some more. If you are okay with the puddle of water at your feet, let it be. If it needs to be cleaned up, do it. Then sit again. The more amazing sessions I have, the more I realise that a “perfect” session is not the goal. It’s just to be.

What distractions do you have in your life? Distractions that might be preventing you from being all you could be? How can you overcome them?