Meditation – have you tried it?

Do you meditate? What are your thoughts on it? Have you tried it?

Sogyal Rimpoche (foremost interpreter of Tibetan Buddhism to the West and author of the “Tibetan Book of Living and Dying”) was once asked what meditation was. He said: ‘do you know the gap between one thought finishing and the next one thought starting?… Prolong it’.

I am a big fan of meditation. I meditate every morning around 5.30am and it sets me up for my day. This 20 minutes is the equivalent of hours of restful sleep and renewable time. Many of my clients are not sure what they want. A lot of this is because they never allow a calm and quiet space to reflect and consider deep down what they really, really want. During periods of stress, the one thing most people want is clarity. And clarity is the one thing you are not able to get when stressed. Vicious circle, right? 20 minutes a day can break this cycle and set you up to have a calmer mind and a better approach to situations where you are under pressure.

And it’s simple. Start by sitting in an upright position with your eyes open or closed. Sitting on a chair is also good, providing your feet are touching the ground. Rest your hands in your lap with your thumbs touching. If your eyes are open, focus on a point in the room. Relax your gaze. Focus on your breath entering your body and going deep into your stomach. If you are breathing into your chest, that’s okay. Just start thinking about your breath filling up your stomach. With some focus, you will eventually start feeling your stomach fill up with air. Keep your breathing relaxed. When your mind starts wander or chatter, do not try and push those thoughts away. Simply acknowledge them and promise them you will give them the thought they need when you have finished. Imagine them drifting away as you shift your focus back to your breathing. This may happen several times. Every time it does, gently shift your focus back to your breathing.

While learning meditation, I was advised to meditate for 20 minutes twice a day. Having said that, there are days when time simply does not allow. That’s okay. If you only have 10 minutes, take 10 minutes. If you only have 5, take 5. Even a few minutes of sitting quietly will make a big difference in your life. I guarantee it! You will find your mind opening in new amazing ways, and suddenly things that you thought were impossible or out of your reach, are not only possible, but you are doing them. There are no limits on what you can achieve. Give it a go. I would love to know your experience!


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