No rain jacket…

Today it poured with rain. All day. And my bike was at work. And, yes again, no rain jacket. When will I start listening to Lance Armstrong? Seven Tour de France victories, he knows a thing about cycling! So, I cycled home in the rain. The great thing about being in the rain, is once you get wet, you can’t really get any wetter. And it’s only really the getting wet that is the hard thing. Actually being wet is easy after that. The best thing was getting home, knowing I had achieved my 30 minute a day goal, even when it rained. And having a hot shower. Actually, the hot shower felt better.

Now I am warm and dry, the cold, wet ride home is a distant memory. I remember telling myself as the water dripped down my neck ‘this too will pass’. And, of course, it did. I’m not sure the self talk was super helpful at the time, but I’m wondering what other experiences I can get through by telling myself that. Frustrating meetings? Annoying people? Boring car rides? It’s true. Everything, in time, passes. Nothing is permanent. It just makes you want to hold onto the good things for as long as possible, but also feel relieved that even the truly horrible things are only temporary.  I think that makes me feel better.

Stay warm. Stay dry. But if you can’t, get warm and dry when you can.