Opportunity Found!

Today was another long day. An early start and a late finish thanks to meetings with hard to catch people. I was optimistic, however, and packed my gym gear in case an opportunity arose during the day. Sure enough, it did. It had been a long morning and I was starting to flag, when a meeting got cancelled, and I realised I had enough time to race to the gym. After a quick warm up, I got stuck into my favourite, but long neglected weights routine, a set of functional exercises with relatively heavy weights. I know I need to do weight training more, and I really love it when I am doing it. The routine only takes 30 minutes and it left me feeling more energized for my big afternoon. Variety? Tick! 30 minute commitment? Tick!

I was so glad I brought my gear. The day may have been too busy for exercise but it was great to take advantage of the opportunity when it came up. It made me wonder how many opportunities I may have missed out on the past by not being prepared for them, or looking out for them. How else could I be prepared for moments of opportunity? There may be one tomorrow, best I pack my runners!


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