Perception is Projection

In my last entry, I talked about the importance of being who you need to be, and acting “as if”. This is not “fake it til you make it”. It is “fake it until you become it”. How do you know when you have become it? Well, the world changes. Yes. You can change the world. How awesome is that?

You see, the world as we see it is simply a mirror of our own projections. Change the way you perceive the world, and you can change the world. Literally.

Try this exercise. Point your finger at someone and someone and say “you are beautiful”. Notice as you do this, there are three fingers pointing back at you. You can only recognise beauty in someone if you first see it in yourself. Therefore, the world is a reflection of you.

Which means that if we change the way we perceive ourselves, it will be reflected in the outer world. Just like changing your focus and seeing the evidence, changing the way you think about yourself is exactly the same thing. What a great way of moving from effect to cause!

Think about the people you love spending time with. What is it about them? Why do you enjoy spending time with them? What do you believe about them? How do you feel when you’re with them? Are ANY of these qualities in you? Could they be a reflection of you?

Now think about people you find challenging to be with. What is it about them that makes them challenging? What are some of the qualities in them that cause you to find them challenging? Are any of these qualities in you? Could THEY be a reflection of you also?

According to Carl Jung, we marry our unconscious minds, and all the challenges we have with our partners are all the challenges we have with ourselves. On a more positive note, all the things we love about our partners we love about ourselves.

What can you change about your thinking right now that can have a positive effect on the outside world?


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