Rest and Gratitude

It was supposed to rain according to the forecast today, but the morning was bright and sunny, so I headed to my favourite sports oval to do intervals. I know I have talked about intervals being so much like life; periods of effort followed by well earned rest, and it really is true. When it was time to go fast, I ran as fast as I could. Then, during the rest, I sucked in as much oxygen as I could and mentally rewarded myself for my effort during the sprint. The day continued in a similar spirit: after exercise, I rewarded myself with some time in the city and a great lunch. After a full on week, I am really enjoying a chance to catch up on some relaxation time. As part of that reward, it has been important to spend some time acknowledging the hard work and achievements during the week. Even the little things deserve to be counted.

Acknowledgement and gratitude are wonderful ways of rejuvenating. Resting the body is one thing, resting the heart, mind and soul is another. What are you grateful for, that if you allow yourself to feel it, would make the biggest difference for you?