Sudden Change of Plan….

Today we had the most amazing Yum Cha. Fully stuffed with delicious food, I thought a post lunch walk would be just the way to recover. My fiancé offered to come with me and I was delighted to have company. I had been slightly spitting with rain but nothing to worry about. Five minutes into our walk, the rain drops were getting fatter and the sky was growling. We soon made the decision to turn around in case the ‘possible storm’ became an ‘actual storm’. Halfway home, the rain came down in buckets, and our calm walk in the sunshine became a sprint in the pelting rain. Hail was later reported in some areas nearby. Today was not a ‘just put on your rain jacket and go’ sort of day. It was more of a ‘get inside out of the scary storm and use what you have indoors to exercise’ sort of day. And that I did. After my walk/run warm up, I hit the garage for some 30 second bursts of weights training with kettlebells, including swings, squats, plank press, halos and other such things.

We finished the day with a walk through the city and comedy with Judith Lucy. Another incidental abs workout…

I had been promising myself I would spend more time doing weights. They are great for bone health, not to mention burning fat and looking toned and hot. So given this whole exercise took just over 30 minutes, achieving this twice a week is probably not too much to ask, really is it? Today’s sudden change of plans gave me a whole new workout idea. Walk to the park, sprint home so I’m warmed up, then strength training. 30 minutes of power done, six pack abs here I come.

What ways could a sudden change of plan benefit your day, or even give you a whole new idea? An idea that could change everything, not just your abs? Happy training!