Time to Change…

Or, what my cat has taught me about communication… time for change

It is so important to make goals and see them through. And it’s also so important to adjust as you go along. It’s also okay to change your mind. And since we thrive on change here at The High Flying Mind, having assisted our clients to create amazing change in their lives, I thought it might be time for a re-vamp.

As you know, we have two ragdoll kittens called Merlin and Kizmet. They are very much part of the family and lately, good at giving the right advice at the right time. The more I spend time with them, the more I realise that most problems can be solved just by cuddling a kitten. They have so much love to give and are able to shine a light on challenges in a way I’ve not seen before. Before a “meow” is uttered, most of what needs to be communicated is in “the look”. With just a single look or perhaps a tap on my arm with a paw, I know exactly what needs to be done. Or sometimes I don’t and the paw tap becomes more insistent. Then the exasperated look. Followed by the “meow”.

Cats are master communicators. They get exactly what they want when they want it. From a top up of biscuits in their bowl to more room on the couch (more of a paw “push” than tap with this one). There is the “meow” for general attention and the “meow” for “you had better get here now!”

Cats are also great for creativity. The more time we spend together in the study as I write and come up with solutions for clients, the more easily they come. And it’s been proven here.

So, with that in mind, White Cat Coaching has been born. While The High Flying Mind will still live on in spirit, we are changing our name to reflect the source of all things good from comfort to love, from chaos to creativity. With all four feet/paws on the ground. We will also be coming up with some cool products (and a new logo!) that I can’t wait to share, so watch this space.


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