Two’s Company…

Today’s commitment was pre planned with my friend Priya, who is also doing this challenge. Priya is an experienced walker and fast. Really fast. We set off at a pace that I could only describe as sprinting while still walking. Is that possible? Yes. So, my witty conversation was limited to short gasps. Or smaller, passionate pearls of wisdom that I’m sure left my speedy companion wanting for more. Or perhaps just wondering what I was saying but being too polite to ask….

In the interest of variety, we chose a new route that I estimated would take about 45 minutes to walk. We had reached the half way point in less than 20 minutes and Priya was still setting a cracking pace. If we continued on my planned route, we would be home in less than 30 minutes, so some improvisation was necessary. I added in another  loop around the other side of the park, and before I knew it we were arriving back at my house in a screeching halt after over 5 kilometres in 48 minutes. A personal best for me, although I suspect not for Priya.

The faster pace was a bit uncomfortable at first, but I soon got used to it, and the walk left me feeling a little on the tired side but also quite invigorated. What a change to step up the pace with someone to motivate me! It made me wonder what else I might be capable of with the right amount of company and help. Are there other areas of my life that could do with stepping up, asking for help and getting someone else’s input or motivation? How much more outstanding could I be with just that little extra injection of motivation, information or just plain conversation?

I know that my next walk will be just that little bit faster. And maybe the next thing I do might be that little bit better. And maybe if it’s not, I might ask someone to provide some guidance or help. How good will that be?