Walking in heels and a bonus

Another perfect day for an urban walk in a busy schedule. I had my runners, but chose to stay in heels as I was wearing my good suit and felt like looking smart. I headed out the door at lunch and walked through the city, which was alive with people. And sunshine!

The walk was welcomed by my aching muscles that are thanking me for our awesome weights workout yesterday. I think. It’s amazing how a short but focused workout can hurt that much the next day. But I’m sure my muscles and bones are grateful for how much I am looking after them.

One of the best things about an urban walk is the shops. On the way back, I browsed the through the mall and Myer and managed to save some money in the sales AND pick up some great clothes. Win, win all around. Without making this commitment to myself, I may have missed out…

How else can the commitments you make to yourself have hidden gems of bonuses?


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