When 30 minutes is not enough

This morning I had had an awesome run in the rain. Admittedly, I didn’t know it was raining when I got ready, and it was only when I was running out the door I realised. By then it was too late. The blood was pumping and I was totally ready to run. The rain was great and actually made me run faster. I think. I ran slightly longer than my normal run around the zoo and finished in swift time.

On top of that, my originally busy day cleared a bit leaving me a window of opportunity to go to yoga. Did I have my gear? Oh, yes I did. Another opportunity successfully taken advantage of.

So, my original plan to get a 30 minute run in ended up with a fast, fantastic run plus a renewing session of yoga. 90 minutes in total. What a great Friday. I love it when the opportunity arises to put in just a little bit more and get lots back.

What can you do that might be a little bit more effort but reap big rewards?