You have a ‘To Do’ List… Do you have a ‘To Done’ List?

I love ‘To Do’ lists. I even keep them on weekends (see previous post), and THRIVE on the feeling of achievement I get when I tick things off. I sometimes even take a small moment at the end of the day to relish in the ticks and congratulate myself for what I have achieved. Notice how I said ‘sometimes’. Because, in reality, I rarely get a chance to do this as I’m already writing the next list or adding new things to the current list.

A theme has come up in a few of my coaching sessions recently that has lead to me to encourage my clients to do some self acknowledgement. They are busy people with plenty to do, and are looking for strategies to get more done. Or are they? The more they get done, the more they seem to need to do. Like a hamster on a wheel. So is it really they need to work out how to get MORE things done, or is it something else? I have encouraged them to take some time out to simply acknowledge where they are, perhaps some awesome things they have done in their lives, or some things they might be quietly proud of, have helped put things into perspective and stopped them running around in circles full of self criticism.

It can be easy to be plagued with guilt when you have chosen to play Angry Birds rather than go to a yoga class, run, or read that book that you promised to read. This leads to self judgement and a feeling that you will never get everything done. Especially when faced with a new or extended ‘To Do’ list. Allowing that self judgement to grow and fester leads to negative, unhelpful emotions. One way to nip this in the bud is to turn that judgement around and take some time to acknowledge the positives.

So, why not keep a ‘To Done’ list? I challenge you to take some time and put the ‘To Do’ list to the side, just for a moment. And write down all the things you have done. It can be just recent achievements or achievements from your childhood. They could be big, they could be small. Write down as many things as you can think of then compare it to your ‘To Do’ list. How are you feeling now? I am sure that if you kept a ‘To Done’ list, it would be longer than your ‘To Do’ list. And a timely reminder that you always have the power to choose how to spend your time, and every moment you choose to spend on something is important through what it gives you.


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